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Have you recently brought a new puppy into your home? Are you struggling to find the perfect name? KnowYourCritter is here to help you with a list of the most Popular and Unusual names.

When it’s time to name your new puppy it can be difficult to choose. Finding names online tends to be the best solution, though many sites tend to give long useless lists.

When you get a new puppy, it often helps to analyse its behaviour and find out what type of personality he or she has; making it the most effective method to try out names.

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Although, if you feel like you still need some inspiration, here you’ll find a quick list of the top 20 popular and unusual names for dogs. The names from each list were carefully selected from certain pet websites.

KnowYourCritter’s top 20 names for female dogs:





1 Bella Princess
2 Audrey Baby
3 Luna Bubbles
 4 Lucy Mystique
 5 Daisy Pepper
 6 Lily Mila
 7 Molly Addie
 8 Lola Bunny
 9 Maggie Yoko
 10 Chloe Yuki
 11 Bailey Tulip
 12 Coco Taffy
 13 Ginger Smooches
 14 Lady Kiki
 15 Cookie Ladybug
 16 Missie Lolita
 17 Lucky Pandora
 18 Sandy Moon
 19 Brownie Sparkle
 20 Zelda Sorbet


 KnowYourCritter’s top 20 names for male dogs:





1 Charlie Boss
2 Buddy Shadow
3 Cooper Brody
 4 Toby Gatsby
 5 Bentley Blue
 6 Teddy 8-Ball
 7 Milo Wolfgang
 8 Buster Hooch
 9 Gizmo Apollo
 10 Lucky Peanut
 11 Jasper Thor
 12 Baxter Oreo
 13 Gus Rufus
 14 Bandit Gordo
 15 Rusty Toto
 16 Scout Sir Barks-a-lot
 17 Spike Chewy
 18 Chester Atlas
 19 Rudy Beethoven
 20 Sparky Yoda


If you feel like the names listed above were not good enough for your little pal, here is another site you can try and find the perfect name for your furry friend.

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