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On this page, KnowYourCritter has listed the best animal shelters in the UK. Many animal rescue centres house dogs, cats and your other typical pets. However, sometimes UK shelters take in many other interesting pets for you to adopt!

KnowYourCritter strongly advises you to consider adoption instead of purchasing a pet. We don’t support animal farming, and by adopting a pet – you can stop the cycle of mass unethical breeding of pets as a business.

If you find the perfect animal shelter close to you with the animal you are looking to adopt, please visit their website and call them in advance to find out their opening hours and adoption policy. This way, when you pay them a visit and find your perfect companion, there won’t be any nasty surprises!

List of Animal Shelter Centres in the UK

Click the buttons below to filter the map markers by the pet that you would like to adopt. Click the markers to see their address, reviews and directions.


When visiting an animal shelter, it is important to be observant of the environment that they look after their animals. There are signs that show that adopting an animal from an understaffed or underkept centre can reflect in it’s cared for animals (we all need love and attention as children, animal or human!):

What time of the year are you visiting?

During certain holiday periods every year, many new adopted animals are met with disappointment by their new owners, such as children on christmas day. These lead to a surplus of animals at a shelter. This can lead to you being more likely to find a pet that fits around your current lifestyle.

Is the rescue centre clean?

When touring around the centre to find your next companion, check to see how clean the shelter is. A dirty and hazardous animal shelter means the animals under their care are just as dirty. A dirty centre is also a sign of a lack of vaccinations and precautionary measures needed for animals to stay healthy!

Are the animals happy?

Do the animals get enough space to run around? Are they kept warm and given blankets and toys? Are the animals okay being introduced to visitors? A lack of any of these can reflect in your new pet’s behaviour.

Golden retriever in an animal shelter near me

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