8 simple ways to make your cat happy

Cat sleeping while wearing large glasses

Being a cat can be tough sometimes. Eating, pooing, playing, sleeping and cuddling. A perfect routine.

However, there are times owners may not know if their cat is truly happy, especially the ones living indoors. In order to make life more comfortable and happy for your indoor pal, there are 8 simple ways you can do this.

1. Play area

Having an area where your little feline can climb, play and observe their home from different levels is very important. This will help increase their sense of territory and feel they have somewhere safe to relax.

2. Playtime

Having regular play sessions with you will help stimulate your pet(s) and inhibit the sensation of boredom. If you feel the toys you’ve bought don’t seem to be enough anymore, you can try using everyday household items.  Some cat breeds have dog-like behaviour, so for instance, if you have a few hair-bands or rubber-bands lying around – throw them across a room and watch your cat go crazy for them.  Using a hair-band or rubber-band will allow your cat to practice basic hunting and encourage exercise. Eventually, you can try teaching your friend a cool trick of fetch!

Warning: If your cat is not used to fetching, you’ll have to pick up all the hair pieces, and even then your cat will expect you to continue throwing them.

A skipping rope or yarn is another toy cats love to attack.  If you grab one end rope or yarn, and move it across the floor, your cat will likely think it’s a snake. The movement of the rope or yarn will help with the development for hunting.

kitten playing with yarn

A classic stuffed toy often helps your little friend feel distracted whenever you’re not around. If you have a single cat, having a stuffed toy from an early age will help keep him/her company, and a friend to play-fight. Warning – Make sure the stuffed toy doesn’t have any buttons or small pieces that can be easily swallowed.

kitten playing with a toy

3. Daily grooming

Even though cats are naturally cleaner critters, this type of contact will help enhance the bond between you two. As well as –  getting rid of dead hair, maintaining a shinier and cleaner coat.

4. Daily challenges

Giving your cat problems to solve, such as food puzzles or hidden toys. Simple challenges can benefit your pet’s problem solving skills.

5. More toys

Try having two or three different light-weight soft toys. Whenever you feel your cat has lost interest in a toy, hide it for a few days or weeks, and then reintroduce it. This method will keep your playful friend stimulated and will save you money in the long term!

two kittens playing

6. Accessibility to fresh grass

If you don’t have a window-box of fresh grass, you can buy a tray of grass online, such as from amazon. It’s been argued that eating grass can help prevent the accumulation of hairballs. When cats eat grass, they will either regurgitate the hairballs or pass them through (if you take a look at their poo once in a while you may notice the hairs).

kitten eating grass

7. Recreation

Whenever you go out, you could try leaving the radio. Having a little bit of noise will help break the boring muteness. Cats  tend to relax whenever they listen to smooth classical music. However, you can always try finding a video of fish or birds on your phone or tablet to give them the sensation of an easy hunt.

 8. Bird-watching

Access to a window will be like watching television for your cat. If you don’t have an easy or comfortable place for your cat to watch television, you can purchase a Sunny Seat Window Cat Bed online, from places like amazon; allowing 100% comfort and the opportunity to briefly be a couch potato, especially if your cat is left alone.

cat looking out the window

These 8 simple ways can help you and your indoor friend have a more happy routine. Although, outdoor cats can also benefit from this list.

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