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Having trouble finding a name for your little pal? Looking for a collection of popular or unusual cat names? KnowYourCritter is here to help.

When you’re thinking of names for your pet you’ll have to consider that cats are likely to pay more attention to a name that is short and/or high-pitched.

Although, if you can’t be bothered to think of names, here you’ll find a list of the top 20 popular and unusual cat names for female and male cats.


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The Science behind good cat names

“How do I find a good cat name?”

You can name your cat anything that pops into your mind. However, as you may have noticed, cats respond better to specific frequencies of sound. Low purrs and high squeals are quickly caught by the cat’s highly sensitive ears, allowing them to respond to their kitten or other cats.

Names with high-pitched vowels (A, E or I) allow your kitten to remember the sound easier. At KnowYourCritter, we named the office cat CeCe (short for Cecilia, which we only use when she’s in big trouble!).

Not long after using the name to call her, she associated it with herself and we could use it to call her for her breakfast. The e’s in her name can be emphasized at a higher pitch to help her hear the name in another room or when asleep.

KnowYourCritter Recommends – Felix, Kitty, Charlie, Ginger

“My cat won’t respond to its name. Why?”

There are many reasons why your cat is having trouble associating their name with themselves. Cats, like almost all animals, do not realize what they are.

Place your cat next to a mirror and watch it try to understand what it is looking at!

This means that it can be very difficult to convince an animal that their name is theirs alone. That a unique sound is only used when they are being called.

The best way to associate themselves with their name is to use the name when Feeding them, stroking them and playing with them. These positive experiences that your cat enjoys means their name becomes a special sound that they like to hear.

Here’s KnowYourCritter’s top 20 popular and unusual names for female cats:





1  Kitty  Baby
2  Luna  Chaka Zulu
3  Bella  Puss Puss
 4  Fluffy  Dobby
 5  Missy  Ariel
 6  Ginger  Catnip
 7  Lulu  BabyGirlRiley
 8  Aurora  Kit Kat
 9  Buddy  Cecilia
 10  Cookie  Mitts
 11  Chloe  Bo-bee
 12  Daisy  Buttons
 13  Bonita  Kiki
 14  Foxy  Barbie
 15  Roxy  Prissy
 16  Muffin  Willow
 17  Contessa  Rainbow
 18  Curly  Diamond
 19  Bonsai  CoCo
 20  Mittens  Abby


Here’s KnowYourCritter’s top 20 popular and unusual names for male cats:





1  Oliver  Lucifer
2  Mr Whiskers  Crookshanks
3  Mittens  Fatty
 4  Tiger  Winston
 5  Felix  Socks
 6  Tom  Aiden
 7  Oscar  Dimitri
 8  Buddy  Arial
 9  Max  8-ball
 10  Simba  Catnip
 11  Bob  Chewie
 12  Morgan  Batman
 13  Dexter  Mr Magoo
 14  Emilio  Pumpkin
 15  Duncan  E.T.
 16  Romeo  Godzilla
 17  Mac  Apollo
 18  Axel  Oreo
 19  Scout  Quasar
 20  Charlie  Vodka


If you are still trying to think of the perfect name for your cat you can always try to analyse its behaviour or physical features.

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